My personal goal is to offer and help you become familiar with the comprehensive modern naturopathy.
While doing so, I have attached great importance to broad modern diagnostics and gentle treatment methods in accordance with the holistic comprehensive medicine.

While attending your individual needs, special attention has been given to the continuously increasing environmental pollution problems, chronic diseases as well as to the recently developed new kinds of environmental toxins.

I offer a large variety of accompanying diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which can be applied in the framework of every individual treatment.

In addition, I treat and take care of my patients the way I would prefer tobe treated myself.
On my way to the goal of providing you a comprehensive professional assistance, I have travelled for the past 40 years inside my country and abroad, collecting relevant knowledge and experience, which I have successfully incorporated in my treatment methods.

Take advantage of my knowledge of the past 40years.

Health is our greatest wealth

General terms and conditions

Should any diagnostic or therapeutic service not be reimbursed by the service provider in part or fully in accordance with the agreed service rates, this may happen due to specific rates of your current contract and have no bearing on the fee billing and payment.
Today, many services provided by doctors also qualify as IGEL services and are not covered by health insurance and have to be paid for.

We certainly list each of our services separately as befits a proper invoice. During the 40 years of practice, we have hardly ever received a payment rejection from private health insurance funds.

Cash, fund as well as AOK insured patients will bear the charges personally. In some cases, private insurance providers bear certain pro-rata costs. Please consult your health insurance provider in advance.

During your first visit, as anywhere else, you will be asked to sign a consent to treatment, provide detailed information about any ongoing medical treatments, allergies, as well as general medical history.
If available, bring along you old blood test results and reports. This will help avoid double testing and thus save you more money.
Laboratory bills are settled through the EVI factor of 1.3 in GOA.

Blood tests

Please arrive early in the morning in a fasting state for blood sampling at the agreed time. The prices of individual parameters are different; they correspond to the price structure of the GOA factor of 1.3 and are billed through EVI.


For smear collection you will receive: 1 swab tube 1 plastic bag 1 consignment note (invoice with the necessary information) 1 Barcode letter Open and remove the white cover of the transporting tube along the marked perforation. Remove the cotton swab Do not touch the cotton swab (looks like an extended Q Tip) with fingers and do not place it anywhere. Wipe with the sterile cotton swab over the part, which is to be studied, for example, your tongue, gums, throat, genitals etc.(always unbrushed teeth or unwashed genitals) After that, place the cotton swab (with your smear) back in the black section of the sampling tube and stick a barcode on it. Consignment note: Please provide the consignment note with the same barcode (at the appropriate place),as well as your name, date of birth and address, and do not forget to mention the origin of the smear sampling (tongue, throat, etc.). Finally, place everything into the provided plastic bag and send it to us free of charge or submit it personally. The price varies depending on the amount and type of germs found, and depending on whether antibiogram has been conducted, and if yes, for how many germs. The service is charged according to GOA factor of 1.3. The bill is processed through EVI.

Hair analysis

The analysis should be conducted using only undyed and not permed hair as sample. If these are not available, pubic hair can be used instead (3g of twisted tuft like a small lady‘s finger ) Cut the hair exactly at the hairline from various points on the head. The length should not be longer than 5cm. If the cut hairs are longer, cut off and throw the rest. Place the samples in a normal type of envelope. Write your name, date of birth and address, and stick a barcode on the envelope. Place this envelope in a second envelope and send it to us or submit personally. We examine the hair through an ICP-MS system which covers the ranges up to Nannogramm areas. The following parameters are analyzed: Aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, lead, boron, calcium cesium, cadmium, cerium, chromium, gold, indium, potassium, cobalt, cupper, lithium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, mercury, rubidium , silver, strontium, tellurium, thallium, thorium, titanium, uranium, vanadium, bismuth, tungsten, tin, zinc, zirconium The price of the service is 295, - €, which is an exclusive price for such a comprehensive service. Hair analysis service is billed through the EVI.

Stool examination

You were given: 1. A bigger sampling tube(security container) in which the small tubes with feces are placed. 2.A smaller sampling tube, which contains the feces, securely closed + a barcode stuck on, placed in the security container 3.Consignement note; please stick a similar barcode on it, write your name, date of birth and the address 4.Plasticshipping bag, where you should finally place the both tubes and the consignment note Collection: Take 2 tbsp. of fruit vinegar, dissolve in water and drink in the evenings during two days. On the 3rd day, excrete the stool into a clean container (ex., an empty yogurt container), stir it, then take the sample from different location and pour into the small tube, provided to you for the sampling. (Fill up only the half of the tube!!!!)
21 The price for a dysbiosis analysis is 156 euros, which is exclusive for such a service. The prices of further analyses are calculated according to the price list given in the factor 1.3. for pysicians and are billed through EVI.